This holiday season, more than any other, we need to all come together and spread goodwill.

So, visualize what you and your family can do to spread love. We started two traditions 5 years ago that has become my favorite-

We do random acts of kindness. I give each family member money on Thanksgiving. They are to do good deeds for strangers and then text us all with what they did. Each act brings a smile.

Any unused money gets piled together and we go out to breakfast somewhere and randomly pick up checks until the money is all gone. We ask the waitperson to keep it anonymous.

We got caught one year as another waitperson pointed out to the couple who we were. We tried to scramble out of our booth but I got caught by the guy. He told me, “we are so moved, we too are going to start doing this every year.” How fun!

Spread the love!!