What can you do to manage a constant workflow that changes and it has unclear direction?

I love this question because it is one that no matter what your level is in a company you can deal with this effectively.

First of all you want to realize that constant changes in workflow and unclear direction usually stem from 1-2 things–1) that there is no clear focused outcome that the company is going after or 2) your leader is not clear on how to reach the corporate outcomes.

Let’s deal with these one at a time:

1. If the company doesn’t have a clear focused outcome you can come out looking like a star by using direct guided questions to uncover a clear outcome. You do this by asking a series of pointed curiosity questions all designed to show that you understand the company is trying to reach a goal and you are ready to align with that goal.

Note that Pointed Curiosity Questions are always open ended, stated in the positive, and are designed to gather more facts and information. They are RARELY yes or no questions and you don’t drill them one after the other.

2. If your leader is not clear on how to reach the outcomes you have a few more hoops to jump through. In this situation your leader can be either unequipped to deal with lots of change, not strategic enough, or overwhelmed.

In this instance you need to go to your leader and let them know that you are looking to serve and deliver on that end goal.  Share what you understand that end goal to be and get agreement from them on it.  Then share what process you believe will help you get there. Do not ask a yes or no question to get their approval on your process because their brain will lock up and they will prefer to stay status quo.

That means NO to you.  Instead ask a “how would we implement” question. This leads their brain to already saying yes as they move to look at how to help you get it in place.

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