So what makes a team great? Is it the leadership? The team? The project? The vision?  Often it is the combination of them that make the huge difference and it can be hard to untangle which is of most importance to concentrate on.

To examine the above question accurately, we really need to invert it and ask the opposite question- What most often makes a team fail?  That question usually has the same answer- the Leadership.

Kyle Lagunas of Software Advice just recently sent me his spin on Itay Talgam’s Ted Talk.  I think it is worth you reading at Software Advice Blog.

Here is a quick summary of how it equates to what we are talking about: Itay Talgam says that the key to great music is a partnership between the player and the conductor.  He states that the conductor needs to treat his players as partners and focus on making music TOGETHER, rather than on controlling each note.

This means that as a leader you need to focus on drawing out the best in all your players, allow them to put themselves fully in to each project, not micromanage as they don’t need to do things the way you would, but you do need to hold yourself accountable to create the ENVIRONMENT that fosters accountability, creativity, and innovation.

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