This is going to be one of my shortest blogs, I predict because the concept it really simple.

If you want to know how to make a person feel loved, appreciated and special just watch how they themselves act and than do the same for them.  So don’t listen to what they say but rather look at what they do.

So for example, if you find that Jim is always in your office when he has questions, what he is telling you is he prefers you to come to his office if you have a question.   If you find your spouse always cleans the house at night, what he/she is telling you is they would value if you cleaned the house at night.

Once you raise your observation to note what others do, then you start delivering your words and actions to them in that same manner.  It will make them feel valued, listened to and appreciated.

Now the hard part….for this week really try to raise your observation skills and start doing for others as you see them do for others.  (That was a twisty phrase to write!).

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