Just for today I would love to have all of you who read our blog to dedicate today to being lucky.  Then share what you did and what impact it had on your luck for the day.

Five ways to improve your luck today:

1. Believe in your head, heart and soul that today will be a great day for you.  I always say, “today something wonderful is going to happen. I wonder what it will be?” The power of truly thinking it will be a lucky day is that it will cause your brain to LOOK for luck.  One of the key principles of being lucky is anticipating that you will be lucky.  Sounds weird but it is true.

2. Move out of your comfort zone.  Do something today that you wouldn’t normally do.  This could be talking to a new co-worker, speaking up at a meeting, or trying a new route to work.  Shake up your normal way of doing things.

3. Compliment someone sincerely today.  Find someone that either has done something well, done something nice or just made a difference for you and share with them the compliment.

Okay, that is it- Go forth and change your luck and make this your lucky day!