Have you ever been told you need to be more strategic?  There are several things this can mean but generally, I find it sums into one thing – you need to be able to gain a high-level objective view and forecast out so you anticipate risks, mitigate them, and you can drown out any noise that breaks focus on that. 

It is not always easy to do because emotions get in the way.  This article will help you understand a bit better how to become more strategic.  In the meantime, let me give you one way that will help you start developing a strategic view. 

When you are facing a problem or issue, try and separate out the emotions.  Then, just look at the facts and think through them, not from your lens, but the lens of a CEO.  What would they focus on? How does it align with the company vision/mission? What are the risks? Can you mitigate them? 

No matter what your position, you start practicing with everyday situations to train your brain to bump up one to two levels in your thinking and you will start landing more strategically in your thoughts.

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