You can actually influence a lot. Matter-of-fact, we test this by having leaders turn in their employee engagement scores before they work with us and then after they have worked with us. What we find is they significantly jump. What this proves is that as a leader changes how they think and interact, they automatically start changing how their team thinks and interacts.

So, if you want to change behavior, you want to look at what you are recognizing and rewarding. For example, I find leaders who say they wish their team was more focused, tend to be rewarding the people who are disruptive. How? By constantly allowing those individuals to remain tough for others and making others work around them. This leads the disruptor to believe what they are doing is working and deflates the rest of the team.

If you want a highly strategic team, the best place to start is with your own thinking.
And if you need help recognizing patterns, just give us a call.