How Much Does Good Training Really Cost?

I just completed a weekend of training that cost me $13,000. Sounds like a lot right? I mean really, can’t I find the same information at a lower cost?

Well, believe me, those thoughts ran through my head as well. I also thought about how long I have been in business—15 years. So what can this person teach me that costs me almost a $1000 per year of being in business to learn? And can they really teach me anything I don’t already know.

Well, my first day back from the training I closed over $30,000 in business and I know I will turn that investment for my clients in to multiples of savings down the road.

So, was it worth it? Oh, Yea!

After the weekend, my bigger question was, “how much have I cost myself by taking the less expensive mainstream route for 15 years?”

As a society we have gotten vary focused on cost rather than value. We look to learn, use, and throw away. We forget the value of things that last a life time rather than a moment in time.

I know our education for corporations can seem expensive to some people. The real question isn’t the cost, it is the value. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say “this seems high. We are going to go with a local person that will charge less.” Then after the training when we follow up we hear, “it didn’t go as we thought. We now need to look at some more training in order to get what we want.”

But this isn’t about an event. It is about your corporation learning how to communicate with a mindset that allows people to speak in a compelling fashion that matches your corporate culture.

We don’t look to “train” your people on how to present, negotiate or lead. Rather we look at how to educate people on how to “think” differently so they can “act” in a way to adds value to all who come in contact with them.

You didn’t learn how to communicate overnight. So why look for an “event” to shatter it? Wouldn’t you rather learn a process of how to think and view each and every communication so you make the impact you want?

As the leading Outcome Strategist, Anne Warfield shows people how to say the right thing at the right time every time.  The revolutionary Outcome Focus® Approach shows how to build a candid corporate culture of communication that allows you to lead, present and negotiate transformationally rather than transactionally. When applying Outcome Thinking® our client’s results include sales cycles reducing by 75%, turnover reducing by 30%, silos evaporating, and a 25% savings of time by executives.  Find out how you can maximize your corporate culture for greater productivity and results!  Contact us at 888-imp-9421, visit,  or