Each day you wake up you are creating the “zone of thinking” through which you will operate that day.

Until I fully mastered this, I would let my schedule dictate the zone I would be on that day. If I had a lot of appointments I would wake up hectic and ready for a frenzied day.

Then, I decided to control my zone of thinking.  I wake now each day in time to do yoga, have a cup of coffee and read inspiration from Jesus Calling, and a passage from whatever current book I am reading for business.  Then, I make my plan for the day.

I find now that no matter how hectic my day is, I operate more like the eye of a storm- calm, peaceful, cheerful, and ready to deliver.

What is your routine to create your zone of thinking?  And if you don’t have one, try creating one for a week and see what impact it has for you.

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