Mother’s Day has passed but not the chance to honor how our Moms have influenced us.

My Mom was a big influencer on me (and no that is not a picture of my Mom and me)

I remember her having me stand up to a teacher that was treating me unfairly. She said to me, “you don’t always have to be the oldest in the room to be the wisest.”

I also remember her marching me back to school when I took crayons from school. Now I didn’t think I was stealing. I helped clean up and I took the crayons that were on the floor and took those home. My Mom said, “Anne those aren’t yours, you stole.” I had to go back and apologize to the teacher and return the crayons.

When I started my company she was the first one over with a bottle of champagne. For years she worked in the company to be a part of it.

She taught me love, gratitude, kindness, persistence, optimism, and so much more.

I would love to hear some of the lessons your Mom taught you!

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