Many speakers leave a presentation never knowing if their message was heard or not.

There are a couple of ways you can ensure that your message is heard and understood.
If you are doing a short thirty-minute to one-hour presentation, you want to make sure you have about three key messages for your audiences to bring from their head to their heart. These messages will be repeated often throughout your presentation. This will ensure that your message sinks in.

If you are doing a longer training, simply ask the audience to recap the three to five things they will take action on. Have them share this with another person and then again in a group of four. Pull the group together to share the information with you in the front of the room. This will ensure that the audience has captured your message.
In a sales call, you should conclude by asking the listener what features they are most excited about and on a scale of one to ten, how they see your product or service filling their needs.

You also want to find out who else to share your information with and what they need from you for that presentation.

Take Action! It starts from the top down!