What would your company look like if you had a 6x greater revenue?  Can culture really impact it so much? 

The answer is yes. In our Outcome Thinking® Platinum Program we spend a good amount of time with clients on the values they want people to operate under INCLUDING the C Suite.  We do that because values are what drive behavior which drives your culture. 

When you read this article, rank how your company is on any of the 14 toxic behaviors. It is easy to see how some like disrespectful, bureaucratic and non-inclusive would kill a company but what about the silent ones?   I have found that companies with lovely intentions and kind people but who operate with number 4 and number 9 suffer from high turnover, finger-pointing, and silos. 

To see as a leader how your team views your culture, ask each employee under you, “What are 2-3 things I do that make your job easier and what are 2 things I can improve on.”  The collective answer will tell you if you are executing by creating a high-performance team culture or a silo team culture. 

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