I saw a lady the other day at the supermarket. Her two boys were yelling, “Mom, I can’t find the soup. Mom, Mom, MOOOOM” and as our eyes caught a weary sigh left her lips. I smiled and said, “Remember when you couldn’t wait to hear the word Mom?”

Sometimes it seems like everyone just wants a piece of you. Just one more question, just one more second of your time. And all you want is a little piece and quiet.

So how do you manage stress? Is there really any magic formula to reduce it? The answer is yes and no. You see the magic formula isn’t something you get from someone else. It is something that must come from you.

In this article I am going to give you some tips on how you can create your own magic formula to reduce stress.

Be uniquely you

Do you know what is unique about you? Do you celebrate it or do you cover it up? Since part of my job is image, I have thought for years that I must have a pulled together look. So I have always had a basic black trench coat that looks elegant. And then I became pregnant and nothing fit around my waist anymore.

So I took my husband out shopping with me and he picked out a blazing orange coat for me. Now I know what you are thinking, “she will look like a walking pumpkin.” And you are right, I did. But what I noticed most was how people smiled and started talking to me right away.

Today I have a Dalmatian coat that I wear and whenever I travel I just tell people to look for Cruella DeVil. It is a riot. It makes people smile.

So what makes you smile? What makes you have fun? Go do it today. What makes your Bed & Breakfast stand out? Is it your elegant breakfast? Your decorations? Your warm manner? Explode what is unique.

Communicate clearly

If there is one thing you pick up from this article is should be this—most stress comes from our communication and 70% of it is self-produced!

Outcome Thinking® is all about trying to communicate from a WE perspective instead of a ME perspective. I find we spend so much time trying to get people to understand what we meant and very little time trying to understand what they meant. In order to improve communication with others you need to make sure you are always conveying that you respect them as a person.

Bottom line, we all communicate very differently based on our experiences.

Positive Self Talk

Talking positive to yourself is crucial to your outlook. The way you talk to yourself is the way you talk to others. You need to redirect your critical voice since most of us tend to be our own worst enemy. Remember that your brain believes what it is told – Essentially your thoughts are to your brain what food is to your body. You are what you think.

Your brain listens subconsciously to your critical voice. If you possess a positive attitude your brain will always be searching subconsciously for solutions to problems you face, for it will assume a solution is possible. If you think negatively your mind will just shut down and accept your present situation.

At first positive self talk will feel strange. Don’t worry – that is normal. Eventually it will become second nature to you. By utilizing positive self talk you’re helping your brain "visualize" the results you desire.

To Achieve Peace and Reduce Your Stress You Must Possess A Positive Attitude.

So start each day with the clarity of what you want to give out that day, who you are and what you have to offer. Communicate clearly always conveying respect to the other person. Strength and peace of mind will come from your consistent and positive self talk that can’t help but get stress out of your life.

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