If you have ever been frustrated trying to unravel a “he said/she said” situation and gotten confused, you are not alone.

It is very easy to have a situation escalate so that, as a leader, you are reacting to a symptom down the road rather than getting to the core.

As a leader, you have to walk back calmly through things so you get back to the core of the issue.

Easy way to do this?

1. State the outcome desired by both parties so it is clear what you are working towards
2. Ask clarifying questions to get all the facts on the table. (Clarifying questions are never yes/no questions but ones that require
the person to fully answer)
3. Repeat back all the facts as you understand them and add any assumptions you are making by saying“I assume..”
4. Restate the Outcome Desired, the facts, and then what steps you recommend.

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