How do you stand out and get noticed? What does it take to be seen as innovative and creative?

It is no longer enough to just do your job.  If you want to be seen as a leader and as someone that is distinct it requires you to think differently.  You need to BE the innovation rather than just CREATE from a box.

In order to really deeply feel this concept, think about Legos.   Now you can be a great Lego builder and do amazing things.  Each Lego box comes with all the parts you need and the instructions on how to put together some quite complex pieces.

In an organization, doing your job well is like building Legos.  The better you become, the more complex tasks you complete, the more you can move up the corporation.  But what are those who are being promoted faster doing that is different?

Check out this video clip to see what one individual did with Legos that didn’t come with instructions or even all the pieces.  This person had to think OF the idea, FIND the parts, and then BUILD the concept from their brain in to real life.  THAT IS INNOVATION.

Watch to see what amazing thing this person created all from scratch!

What are you doing to TRULY innovate?

Anne Warfield is CEO of Impression Management Professionals in Minneapolis, MN.
IMP is a provider of strategic presentation skills training focused on the Outcome Thinking Methodology, helping leaders gain executive presence.