Although it is a United States holiday, it is about things that are most important to all countries.

It is about those who fought so you could have your freedom today.

It is about being heroic versus trying to be the hero.

It is about working as a team, not flying solo.

It is about being committed to a cause that is bigger than you.

It is about honoring others, and always doing your best.

It is about sacrifice.

It is about resilience.

It is about being scrappy when you need to be and not be defined by rules.

It is about honor, pride, and social conscience.

All of these lessons are ones as leaders we need to emulate. Just like the minutemen that were often led by farmers, you may not know the way but as a leader, you know the values to follow. You believe in the spirit of the team. And you lead with faith.

May you go forth this upcoming Fourth of July and reflect on how we, today, are honoring what the flag stands for and when we are deviating from it. We are the future, let’s make it good.

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