Frequently Asked Questions

How does your coaching differ from other coaching?2017-04-04T04:30:26+00:00

While most coaching focuses on teaching accountability, we are all about expanding your thinking so you automatically start becoming more strategic in what you do. So each session you have to bring real life things to apply Outcome Thinking® to in order to challenge how you traditionally see and work through things. We see this real life adaptation is what causes the learning to become embedded and natural in to a person’s dna.

What industries does this work for?2017-04-04T04:30:04+00:00

We specialize in two specific industries, healthcare and finance, because they are complex industries that often involve clients, vendors, internal people and government regulations. So the number of moving parts and the degree of technical and complex data being looked at is very high. We help you synthesize it down so it is digestible and actionable for all around you.

Does this have to be done with an intact team?2017-04-04T04:29:22+00:00

No For leaders, we have found what often works best is when it is done as a high potential leader program with leaders across the organization. This causes them to break down silos and have a deeper understanding of other functions and challenges in the organization

In sales we find if you have a large sales force that each serve a different industry or sell a different service, again it helps to have them mixed together so they start collaborating on sales and challenging each other on thinking differently.

What are the components in your Platinum Program?2017-04-04T04:28:15+00:00

Whether you are going through sales or leadership we use the same four components to help them succeed. Each level always contains- live learning with your own material used to apply concepts, Think Tanks which are emergent learning based on the group’s needs, weekly brain videos designed to stretch and maintain your new thinking and monthly laser coaching to pragmatically apply it all to your own daily world. We have found this unique combination creates the greatest capacity for an individual to change their own thinking as well as as a team to collectively change their thinking?

What size group goes through the Platinum Levels 1-3?2017-04-04T04:27:21+00:00

Typically companies like to put between 30-50 people a year. We break these in to smaller groups with about 15-20 per session as we find this size creates a deep bound, an open vulnerability and causes the group to connect at an intimate level that is normally not achieved in a larger group.

What options are available for individuals?2017-04-04T04:26:59+00:00

Individuals have two options—attending the Managing Your Strategic Message Session or executive coaching. Executive Coaching gives them the monthly individualized approach working directly with an Outcome Thinking® Expert in order to grow strategically and it includes attendance in the Managing Your Strategic Message Session.

Can the Training be done in person as well as virtual?2017-04-04T04:26:31+00:00

Some of the sessions are best done in person as they foster collaboration and creativity as a team. Then there are others that you have the option of doing in person or virtual depending on what makes most sense for your organization. We will walk you through those options.

How does the consulting & coaching work?2017-04-04T04:25:59+00:00

The Executive Coaching works for the individual and is a great way to strategically grow your individual leaders who may be facing a specific challenge. They are done virtually so they are easy to implement around the world.

The consulting is great to do with a project or a small group of leaders. These are virtual sessions done typically every quarter to keep the group focused on solving unique problems and challenges in-depth using Outcome Thinking®. This can be done as a separate contract to the Platinum Program.

Can we skip levels in the Platinum Program?2017-04-04T04:25:17+00:00

The entire program is designed to build the thinking necessary to stretch and maintain the growth necessary mentally in order to execute better.  So just like you can’t jump to running a marathon until you have built up to it, this program is the same.  Each level is designed to build on and utilize the brain growth they have made from the previous sessions.

Can we do options other than the two-day?2017-02-06T18:37:19+00:00

Our programs can be done in a two-day program, one day or even half day. Which one is right for you, depends on the outcome you are trying to reach. Our two-day programs are the most profound on creating long-term thinking changes that create a culture of high trust, accountability and respect. Our one-day programs work great for top executives and our half day programs for diving in to one focused area for teams. We will work with you on what you are trying to accomplish and which option will help you get there. We even have keynotes that can introduce your team to new concepts and new ways of thinking.

Can this be done as a Train-the-Trainer?2017-02-06T18:37:01+00:00

The easiest and least expensive way to get the program deep in to your company is the Train-the-Trainer route. Since all of our programs build on and integrate with one another this allows you to build a great professional development program for your organization. This is especially a good route if you have more than 100 people you want to go through a program.

Can this be customized for our company?2017-02-06T18:36:40+00:00

Absolutely! With each program we do for a company we do a Customized Excavation Assessment so we make sure we understand your company goals, terms and situations. Having the program customized for your group enhances the learning so we highly recommend it.

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