Did you know that being on video actually takes more energy than being in a face-to-face meeting?

So, although Zoom is great for having meetings or not traveling to meetings (when things resume to normal again!), you do want to be conscious of a few things to make it less tiring.

Use Breakout Rooms.

With longer meetings going in and out of smaller groups will keep it more stimulating for the brain.
When you bring everyone back make sure you ask for some people to share key insights from their groups.

Take more frequent breaks.

Even if it is to only stand and stretch, listen to a song, or get a glass or water, tea, or coffee. This short “break” will allow your brain to empty out the last “business” and then refresh for the next meeting. Without this break, your brain just tries to keep loading new information into the prefrontal cortex until it overflows.

Turn off pic of yourself on your screen.

If you get conscientious with seeing yourself, just leave on your video but unpin yourself so you don’t see your own video. That way you won’t become distracted.

Getting used to how to use Zoom to make working easier and more efficient is something I believe will stay. So it is best you learn to manage it to your advantage now!

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