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Spring to me is always a magical time of growth- a time where things that seemed dormant or dead revive in big bold colors.

I think one really good thing about seasons is they remind you to consistently "renew" or "re-invent" yourself, your processes, and your team.

So as you spring forward, challenge yourself with the following:

1. In what ways am I stuck in doing things?
2. If someone were to come in and "out do" me, what would they be doing differently then what I am doing? Then look at how you can do those things.
3. If I wanted my team to be more independent and strategic, what would they need from me that I currently am not giving to them?
4. If my team was more independent and strategic, what would that free me up to do that I currently can't get to?

Use the seasons to challenge yourself four times a year to sharpen your skills, clear out your assumptions, and be more innovative!!

PS. We would love to hear how you like the Daily Motivations! Hope you are enjoying them!

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How to retain talent, keep people engaged and loyal, during a crazy time

by Anne Warfield

We are in an absolutely crazy time at work. We are trying to implement a ton of new systems while at the same time not adding any more staff. Our people are working hard and are stretched thin. The growth we will have down the road is really exciting but right now we are in a tight mode.

At the same time I want to make sure we hold on to our talent and people don't leave. I am especially concerned about some of the younger work force that seem to be more willing to quickly change jobs. How do I ensure that I keep everyone focused, energized, and loyal during this time?

Other Person's Perspective:
People are willing to put in the crazy hours and time provided they see a long-term solution on the horizon and they believe in the vision of where you are going. People want to feel valued and energized by the work they do, not defeated and burned out.

Thinking it Through Using Outcome Thinking®:
At times like this I find that if you desire to keep people engaged and loyal there are two critical factors-- 1. Your leaders and how holistic and balanced they are, and 2. How engaging is the work and how is clear the vision. Of these two, there is one you must focus on first as it will drive the other.

Best Handled/Phrased:
As you can imagine during times like this the first line of defense is truly your leaders. It is more important than ever that your company focuses on helping your leaders remain calm, focused, and clear in their communication with others. You must keep your leaders balanced and holistic during wild times for everyone on their team feeds off of them.

Most people leave a company because they don't feel valued by their leader. During a wild time like this, if you can help your leaders to have outlets to communicate their frustrations; time to strategize long-term; and an outside source to help them come up from the weeds in order to be more strategic; it can go far to stabilize the company and retain good workers.

At this time, keep your training as a high priority- your leaders need to keep the amygdala quiet so they can calmly look at things. They need their daily Strategic Hour guarded so they remain in a strategic spot when looking at situations and to work further out with possible solutions to make things run smoothly for their team. And they need some outside influence (besides their family) to help them stay grounded.

Currently during this hectic time, your leaders are actually your first and most important line of defense. The better they are at clearly articulating things, the better their team will execute. The more calm the leader is, the more calm the team will be. The more focused the leader is, the more innovative the team can be. All of these things help the newer employees to then feel successful and connected to the company and the vision—which is the second critical factor. This then leads to more loyalty and individuals wanting to stay long-term.

The more your top leaders remain in a good zone, the more you can keep all employees in a good zone for they will feed off of the culture of the top leaders.


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Julie Bluhm, CEO, Guild Inc.

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