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In a world that is filled with story after story of terrorism and destruction of others such as school shootings, we need to make some changes.

I like taping and watching Ellen DeGeneres. Mostly because I know she will try to find the good and the humor of each person she has on her show. She is about celebrating who we are and what makes us unique. And, of course, I love her closing phrase, “be kind to one another.”

So as we finish out the first half of 2019, let's all prepare for the second half by ensuring that we are always being kind to one another.

Make sure you do kind acts such as:

1. Handing off projects to a person in a way that sets them up for success

2. Setting things up for the next person versus just taking care of yourself. Yes, this includes refilling the coffee pods, stocking the toilet paper, making sure the copier is full of paper, making a new pot of coffee in the break room if you take the last bit—think about the next person's use rather than just what you need to use.

3. Daily doing something to make another person's day a bit brighter and easier.

4. Being free with sincere compliments to others. If you want to freak your significant other out, spend a month complimenting them every day. You will quickly find out how much easier it is for us to criticize our spouse for what they didn't do rather than compliment them on what they did do.

5. Telling someone daily what you love about them and what you love to do with them.

6. Sharing with an employee what you have seen them grow or develop in themselves lately.

7. Bringing in something to personalize and beautify your office.

8. Sharing with your boss something you have learned from them.

9. Sharing with a client why you love working with them.

10. Taking a moment each day to appreciate yourself. The more you take care of you, the more you can take care of others.

I would love to hear your stories of what you have done to do kind acts for others or that others have done for you!

Send in the stories of ACTS OF KINDNESS you have done or others did for you to [email protected] and we will post some of the good things going forward!!

PS. We would love to hear how you like the Daily Motivations! Hope you are enjoying them!

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Four key things to help retain younger employees

by Anne Warfield

I am a little baffled and hope you can help me. I have some younger employees (under the age of 30) and I want to retain them. I find that when it comes to review time they continually focus on "what amount raise will I get and what is my next step for promotion". We do raises that fit in with the norm but these days, with the economy, they aren't the bigger 10% and up that in the past was an option.

The tough thing is we are a pretty lean organization without a lot of movement up until you have put in several years in your position. When I explain how much we value them, it doesn't seem to really land or seem to absorb.

What can I or my company do to create more of a culture that makes this younger generation want to stay with us long term or am I fighting an uphill battle?

Other Person's Perspective:
Your employees want to do good and make a mark in the world. They often see this “mark” as being recognized by the raise they get or the promotion they get.

Thinking it Through Using Outcome Thinking®:
This one is a bit tough as there is a difference today in those under 30 and those over 40 in how they view a job. In the past, a job was viewed as an integral part of your life and that you had loyalty to the company to stay and continue to grow. Today, there is a bit more loyalty to a lifestyle you want to accomplish, work you value and lastly, the company you are with. Therefore switching jobs every 3-5 years is seen more as the norm then the exception.

So where does that leave you?

It means we have to let go of the expectation that they won't leave for more money as they often will. They will not feel they are being disloyal to your company but that they are taking care of their life.

But there is something you can do…

Best Handled/Phrased:
Focus on some key things in your company, that beyond money, make people want to stay.

1. Make sure you have a training program in place that grooms your leaders from the top down so they speak and act in alignment with the culture of the organization; they are holistic in how they think; they are slow to anger, and they are open to taking a back seat so they build their team to lead without them.

By guaranteeing they have a leader who is there because they are personally invested in growing these younger employees goes much farther than you think as it will be “personalized value.” Our Platinum Programs are yearlong that bring leaders through how to lead by example (models are taught, not learned) and ironically a large majority of the leaders are promoted in their second year of the program due to their new holistic thinking.

2. Then look at how you onboard new employees. One company we work with stands out in how they do their on-boarding. American Woodmark has a full week where new employees learn about the company culture, not from trainers, but from the Senior Management of the company. This truly makes each employee feel valued and that they have a personal touch with the top leaders right from the start.

3. Look at how you speak during your hiring process. If you are more of a flat organization, spend some time in the hiring process chatting about how they find value and what makes them committed. Then share that with their leader so you build on what is most important to them whether it be the type of work they do, who they work with, etc. Share with them your company philosophy and how people move and grow in the company.

4. Encourage cross collaboration with other departments. This helps them build deeper threads within the company. Companies that find ways for their employees to play together tend to have longevity of employees. It can be a bowling team, softball team, service projects, Friday “watering” hole where all levels gather or golf league as a few examples of things that can build continuity.


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"Your enthusiasm will be infectious, stimulating and attractive to others. They will love you for it. They will go for and with you."

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