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As I think about leadership, the Fourth of July, always reminds of what others have sacrificed for us to enjoy the privilege of sitting in a classroom, working a job we love, having a family safe, and sharing with others.

I know my family is planning to spend some time doing what we love-golf, eating, laughing, and just loving being with one another.

I hope you stop to thank those around you that have a made a difference and take time to make a difference for others around you.

May you feel blessed this July!

PS. We would love to hear how you like the Daily Motivations! Hope you are enjoying them!

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How to put your best foot forward with a new boss

by Anne Warfield

Anne, we have a new boss coming in above me and he will report to a new boss above him. On top of it, both of these individuals come from outside our company. I realize they will want to make changes which is a good thing as we are a little antiquated. However, I also want to demonstrate the value of what my team has done.

We have been tasked with preparing a 30-45 minute presentation so that we can bring both leaders up to speed. It seems daunting to try to put every project we are working on and updating them in 30-45 minutes while trying to show our value. I asked my team to prepare decks for me but I have about 120 slides now to weed through! Help!

Other Person's Perspective:
Both new bosses want to be able to put a mark on the company moving forward. They want to know they have strategic and competent people in leadership positions that can flex with changes and be visionary. They want to understand accurately what is happening today and what, if anything, is broken. They are there to find the holes and fix them.

Thinking it Through Using Outcome Thinking®:
You want them to see the value of your team, demonstrate your strategic thinking, and have them feel you and your team are reliable, flexible, and efficient.

Ironically what most people like to do is share what they are working on, the good things their team has done, justify each project/process, and get prepared to dazzle the new leader. Unfortunately the exact opposite happens- while you are telling how wonderful you and the team are, they are trying to listen for "what is off and how can we fix it?"

So you want to go where they are rather than drag them to you. So let's start with THINKING from their perspective, not yours.

Any new leader coming in is looking to drive the company vision to the next level. So typically you want to start by evaluating your company through their eyes.

If there is a lot of chaos/disruption/ or antiquated processes, they will be focused on "how do we build a company that puts this company out of business?" They want to innovate and move forward.

If the company is a well-oiled machine, they will then be focused on "how do we continue to maximize our current results while tweaking to make us even more profitable and productive?"

In this instance, it sounds like your new leader will be operating more like the former so I will assume that in how to handle. Best Handled/Phrased:
Build your deck starting with the company vision of where we want to be in the future. Everything you say and do needs to align with where the company is going not where the company is or has been. This will show you as more strategic and visionary.

Then you will answer questions similar to these:

1. What are we working on that supports where we are going? (This will share the why what your team is doing is relevant)
2. How are we progressing- what is on target, off target
3. What are we doing that perhaps doesn't align or should be re-evaluated and
4. What would make things more effective/efficient (think in terms of resources, processes, alignments, etc)

You could also think of this in terms of – What are we doing? Why is it relevant? What is not working? What would I change?

Remember your leader is looking for candid facts and information not fluff. They are not looking to be sold but rather they want to see your critical thinking displayed. So go in as a partner, not a lower level leader reporting in, and you will be more strategic, straightforward, carry more ownership and be more confident in the discussion.

Don't try to impress but rather try to be a significant partner.


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This is a very lively session.

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"Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture…Do not build up obstacles in your imagination."

~ Norman Vincent Peale


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When did Senior Management become sacred? I am amazed how many times I see a bubble around Senior Management that stops people from bringing critical information to them. Keep reading future blogs where I will address why that happens so you can ensure you don't have that protective bubble with your team.

So how do you tell them you think their "great idea" is a bad idea?

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See 5 things that show confidence

Here are a few things that show confidence and authority to the audience:

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