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Can you succeed without failure? If you were to review your last year, what would it look like? How about your 10 year review?

Life is not to be lived passively as a spectator but rather to be involved as a player or coach. If you are living actively then it means you are always on the field making mistakes and then learning from them.

So your year in review should contain successes, failures and how you learned from or changed due to those failures.

Never be afraid to fail, for your brain actually is wired to do much of its learning by failing. The failures give the brain data points in which to use to change course. So literally, you can not succeed without failing at some points and times.

Imagine what you could do today if you always knew you would come out better even if you fail. What would that world look like? What calculated risks would you take? How would your thinking change?

I love the changes and strength I see in the leaders that come through our Platinum Program. Many are promoted the very next year— they are told it is because “they think and act differently.”

Don't let this next year hold you captive. Step boldly forward and become the leader others aspire to be—you deserve it!

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Since I celebrate Christmas I will say Have a very Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy your holidays this month whichever holiday you personally enjoy!!

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What to do when you dread doing reviews

by Anne Warfield

I hate doing reviews. I tend to delay them as it feels like I am being so harsh and judgmental of others for often doing things I do myself.

Is there way to feel better about doing reviews as I know my delay tactic isn't the right thing to do?


Other Person's Perspective:
People want to know what they are doing well and how they can improve. We all want to give our best and be seen as valuable.

Thinking it Through Using Outcome Thinking®:
Here is the tough thing as a leader— you know you are flawed. Yet you still have to strive to get all on your team to be their best at all times. This means that you may have to “critique” in someone a trait you possess as well. So it can feel like you are a big Hypocrite.

So let's change how you see reviews.

Traditionally we see reviews more punitively rather than proactively. We see them as the “report card” for an individual and that we will devastate them if we tell them what they are not good at.

I see them as stretch zones—I start with the fundamental belief that I can change anything I need to change if I find the right path to make that change. So when someone gives you feedback on what to change your energy should be spent on staying curious to understand what needs to change and then open to learning how to change it. The only fear is if we can not make the change—so eliminate that thinking from yourself personally.

Once you have done that doing reviews for people comes easier. You don't see it as trying to crush someone's spirit or pointing out their flaws but instead see yourself as a liberator of the barriers that are blocking that person from their greatness. It should be an exciting time, to look together at how things can be improved.

Best Handled/Phrased:
Once you have shifted to see reviews as a way to give employees more control over their future, to help build paths to remove any barriers so they are more successful, and to help them achieve more, it becomes exciting to look at doing reviews.

In hand with this, I recommend you teach your team to continually brief and debrief what they do as that teaches them how to separate the emotion of making a mistake from the learning from the mistake. This will, in turn, making them more positive in taking in feedback from you as well.


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Quotable Quotes

"Success comes from the ability to handle failure and mistakes."

~ Derek Fisher


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"It used to be that when I presented, my self-doubt would cause me to speak fast and rush through the presentation

I would say too much when I was nervous or unsure. I was focused on my belief that they were judging me rather than on the desired outcomes of the presentation. But now… with Outcome Thinking®, I have a system to help me focus on the outcomes I desire and what the audience needs. My presentations are more concise and I have increased confidence. If you are not having the impact you'd like to have and want to invest in developing your effectiveness and impact, you should definitely consider this program."

Kjirsten Mickesh, Director – General Mills

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