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We are in an odd time in the world right now--one filled with strong political feelings, some unstable environments, and weather patterns that are destructive. You begin to wonder what message the Universe is trying to send us.

So, my heart goes out to all the families who have been impacted by the Hurricane's this year. Many of you I saw emails from stated that your offices were closed as you were trying to deal with the wrath of the Hurricane and what it did.

I hope that during this time of turmoil we can turn it in to one where we all become stronger, more united, and have each other's back. Perhaps we are being tested to see what we are all made of and I, personally, believe we can come through with flying colors.

I hope all of you take this time to do an Act of Kindness to demonstrate our faith in each other and our world.

It is an honor to work with all of you and to see all the Leaders and Sales Professionals we work with rise above everything and dynamically change the world. All it takes is one person to make the change.

Maybe it is time to bring back the Coca Cola commercial where they all gather around to grab hands and sing, "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..."

Make this month a great one!

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How To Know If You Are Giving Up Power

by Anne Warfield

Anne, I recently took over a new division. This division has been floundering and prior to me taking it over it was not being run financially well. I have noticed that others seem to be trying to usurp my control.

I notice this because they will come to me something they believe I should do and when I give them reasons why I don’t want to do that, they continue to challenge me on it. I don’t believe they would have challenged the person who ran this area prior to me so I am feeling as though they don’t respect me and my decisions. How do I get them to back off?

Other Person’s Perspective:
Anne, I recently took over a new division. This division has been floundering and prior to me taking it over it was not being run financially well. I have noticed that others seem to be trying to usurp my control.

Thinking it Through Using Outcome Thinking®:
Knowing that all parties want to do the right thing and drive for the best result is key. For once you think that you can then concentrate on what could be blocking the best result without you taking it personally, like thinking they don’t value you personally.

Best Handled/Phrased:
So, the first thing I would recommend you do is see if you are “accidentally” giving up power. For example, each time they come in and you try to “explain” what you are doing you are then giving the subtle message to them that you are willing to change your mind on this if they can persuade you. Their natural tendency will then be to see if they can “persuade you”. To you this will appear that they are questioning or defying you.

Therefore, when they come in to you with their advice, you simply say, “Thanks I will take that in to consideration.” Or if you know you won’t be doing what they share you simply say, “I appreciate that input, in this situation I am sticking to us doing _____ and I will own the consequence of it as I realize that is a variant on what we are doing in other divisions.”

You want to show you heard them and you are sticking to your plan. Then on a separate note I would recommend you schedule quarterly updates with the leader of the team that you feel is currently trying to usurp control and share your quarterly and yearly plan so s/he can support you and s/he can answer questions their team may have as to why there is an exception happening.


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