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Going in to the Fourth of July I find I am always happy to think about the long-term legacy of the United States. I like thinking about how our founders took the time to write the Declaration of Independence. I like thinking about desiring change so much you are willing to put yourself out for it.

I like people willing to be creative to negotiate for a new way of being yes. I find most people dread the idea of negotiating. Yet the reality is they can be very rewarding and exciting provided you don't take them personally and you always strive to be on the creative side of things.

I have rarely found a negotiation that can't have a really unique twist that actually energizes each side. But in order to do that you need to find the quiet creative space to do that; you need to believe in the best intentions; and you need to want to truly add value.

We don't even call it negotiations-- it is so positive we call it ProGOtiations®. It is all about the GO in making things happen and moving to the next level. Apply the steps below in the Situation to have your next ProGOtiation® run smoothly!

May you all have a blessed Fourth of July in the United States and a Happy Day around the World.

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Outcome Thinking® Solution

When is it time to walk away from a negotiation

by Anne Warfield

I face many negotiations with the different vendors for our company as well as internal negotiations between departments. At what point should I walk away from a negotiation? I always negotiate in good faith but get very frustrated when it feels like others are taking advantage of me.

Other Person’s Perspective:
They want to look good, get the best deal possible and not give away too much. They are usually highly protective of their side.

Thinking it Through Using Outcome Thinking®:
Typically, most people see a negotiation as a win/lose scenario and their brain comes in ready to protect themselves so they are not on the “losing” side. This means they come in with limited listening, high blinders on, and distorted vision.

So, your job is to remove all of that “defensiveness” and get each side to come with their creative and collaborative brain to do what is fair and just. There are distinct steps to do this and there is definitely a time when you stop a negotiation.

Best Handled/Phrased:
Steps to follow:

1. Start by sharing the mutual outcome.
2. Follow this by sharing what you understand from both sides--start with their side.
3. Always add a statement that shows you are checking in that you have the facts correct.
4. Give the Roadmap for the discussion so they have as much control as you do.

These are the times you need to walk away from a negotiation:

1. When the other party is not acting in good faith—disclosing information, brainstorming on possible solutions.
2. When you have other options, like you love this vendor but you could work with another.


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"Whenever a negative thought concerning your personal power comes to mind, deliberately voice a positive thought to cancel it out"

~ Norman Vincent Peale

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"In the past when I presented I did not have a strategic or defined goal,

I spoke too quickly and was closed minded. Now that I’ve learned Outcome Thinking® I have a clear message that comes from the audience’s perspective. Bringing Outcome Thinking® into your company would increase efficiency and adds value to achieving your company goals."

Tarah Whatmough, Project Coordinator, Customized Uptime Solutions

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