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Every Christmas for the last 30 years my husband and I have written a letter to each other. The letters always share what we each feel were the highlights of the year along with the goals we each have for the next year.

Then we buy a special bottle of champagne, light a candle and spend one special night reading this year's letters to each other and then all the other letters throughout the years. It is one of my favorite evenings.

My point is that the holiday season, no matter what holiday you celebrate, is a time for gratitude. Being thankful for all the people and opportunities in our lives.

I am thankful for all of you- our clients and friends who have made our lives so much richer with your presence, insights and grace.

I hope you look back on 2017 and see how much you have grown and as you move in to 2018 you focus on how you want to spread your wings.

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Celebrate The Successes

by Anne Warfield

Today I am going to do something a little bit different. I think that we all too often don't take time to celebrate our own growth, the growth of our team, the growth of our company, and the growth of our family.

So since the month of December is one often filled with love, laughter, and gifts I want to share some simple gifts you can give to yourself, your team, and your family. Gifts that cost very little money but are big on meaning.

There are two gifts and you can do these for yourself and well as for others.

1. Write a letter that shares what you value about a person, what memories you have, and what they have taught you. I did this for one of my birthdays for my girlfriends. Each got a different letter that shared what I loved and valued about them. For me, it was a great way to see how much of my journey is shaped by those I choose to surround myself with.

2. Buy a pretty glass jar and put on 52-104 slips of paper different things you love about the person, what you love to do with them, fond memories you have of them, and values you have gained from them. We made jars like this for my parents. We divided the pieces of paper up so each of us (5 in my family) put in 20 slips. My parents have it up on a shelf where they can pull out and look at the slips of paper. My kids gave me one for Mother's Day and it sits on my desk so I can pull out pieces and read through them.

Remember that for employees feeling valued and doing meaningful work are most important. The above two ideas let them know you value them as a person. So for employees you might want to give them each a card that reflects the value they bring to the team along with a message from you about what you enjoy about them.


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"Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion."

~ Marth Graham

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I have an app on my iPad that I absolutely love. Notesplus makes my life so easy because I can flip from writing to typing to drawing all within the same page. I can convert my writing over to typing just by circling it and clicking on "convert to text". I opens with one click and flips between the web and my "notebooks" I create. I can PDF my notes to clients from meetings immediately.

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Additional tips on targeting your message

Here are a couple of additional tips on how to match your presentation to your situation by targeting your message...

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Marian Carney, Director of Strategic Accounts, OCLC

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