And yet you find yourself having to prepare a full deck to get approval on something that seems so obvious to you?

Well, it is not you.

The brain is most comfortable with ideas that it can quickly grasp and see the possibilities of the idea.  So, when you come in with a lot of charts, graphs, and details, their brain freaks out and shuts down.

Literally, their brain says, “This is too hard so I can’t make a decision until I fully understand it.”

Just remember too many details in your discussion are like exit ramps OUT of a decision being made.


There is a science to dialoguing effortlessly with the C Suite that most people do not know.  This lack of knowledge causes them to over-prepare.

Ironically, the more “prepared” you are with facts, figures, graphs and details the more likely you are to receive a “no”.  Isn’t that ironic?  I mean here you are prepared with your 30-page deck and you get a “no” or worse yet, a “can you go back and do more research on..” while someone that just speaks off the top of their head gets the go-ahead?

It isn’t you.

It is about understanding how the brain works and being able to speak succinctly so others grasp your idea, feel confident you will make it work, and believe you won’t “hide” things or oversell an idea.

There is a method to it.  I should know as I have been speaking to the C Suite since I was just 26 years old.  I didn’t have the experience or knowledge that others in the room did but I still was listened to.

It all came down to being able to think, speak, and execute like a C Level Executive no matter what level you are at.

If that isn’t happening to you, we can help you!

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