One of the toughest things can be to find your “public” voice. One of the vital presentation skills of a CEO is the ability to, not only think through a vision, but to speak about it so simply and eloquently that people are able to feel it, see it and then act on it.

Unfortunately this means you have to be able to take complex data and simplify it and you need to do it quickly.  I love Einstein’s quote in a letter to his cousin when he said, I apologize that this letter is so long.  I would have been briefer if I had more time.  It actually does take a THINKING skill in order to become a great speaker.

So I am not going to go over the mechanics of body language as that will all change once your thinking changes.  Instead I want to give you a few things to think about when you go to organize your message.

Presentation Skills Tips:

1. Start with the end in mind.  Think about what your audience needs to be able to do once they are done listening to you.  All of  your focus and energy should be on them, not you.

2. Stick to three key points or less.  Remember that LESS is MORE.  The brain freezes once there are more than 3-5 points to remember.  So if you are looking for people to take action on what you say you must master the fine art of simplifying the complex.

3. Create comparisons that make the complex suddenly make sense.  Talking about a new corporate plan and relating it to building a super highway, let’s people compare and see how side issues can derail the entire plan just like small side roads would confuse a superhighway.

4. Talk always in terms of them, not you.  Your audience doesn’t want to hear “I did, I can, I want”.  They want to hear about “you can, here is how, and what you will be able to do.”  They want to hear about how what you are talking about impacts their world, not how it will make your world better.

Use these four steps to organize your next message and watch it flow as your focus shifts from you to your audience.

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