Sarcasm and humor rarely come across positively in e-mails. This is because business e-mails are typically read defensively.

Therefore, your e-mails should be clear, concise, use whitespace, and be short.

Your subject line should clearly tell the reader what you expect them to do and why they are receiving this e-mail. Your subject line is not a topic line.

If you’re not getting responses to your e-mails you are most likely too long-winded, or you are brain dumping, and people are not following your logic.

Remember to keep it simple, to the point, and easy for them to recall. If you’re not sure if your e-mails are positive, type them out, and then send them to yourself. When you get it, read it, not from your perspective, but from the recipient’s perspective. Remove any words or phrases that can be misconstrued.

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