The following steps will help you make more effective decisions.

  1. Ask, “If we do this, what is the worst thing that can happen?”
    1. How likely is it that will happen?
    2. If it does happen, how can you handle it or can you do anything that will reduce the chance or eliminate it from happening?
  1. Ask, “If we don’t do this, what is the worst thing that can happen?”
    1. Can you afford to let that happen?
    2. Is the risk to you here GREATER than the above risk
  1. Put together your thoughts in a logical manner.  Use a Ben Franklin Formula with columns laying out the risks, mind map, or graph the pros/cons.
  1. Decide which way you believe the company should go and why.  Present it from that perspective.  Share what risks you see with that choice as well as how you see they can be overcome or what chance there is that it will really happen and the CONSEQUENCES if it does happen.

Remember to try and come from your listener’s perspective, not yours.  We all make mistakes.  The most important thing is that you know when to jump and when to hold on so you can be most effective!