You know that person you can’t stand negotiating with— the one that drills down on every detail, comes in with a list of what they want and goes through them one by one until you are exhausted?

Well, that person has a negotiating technique they don’t even realize they have! See it is not a trick they are trying to pull on you. It is actually the way their brain operates. It isn’t a trick or game they are playing but oh boy does it suck people in and does it ever kill relationships.

This is the person you walk away from feeling you gave way too much to. You feel they abused you and you no longer want to do good by them. Not a great start for a strong partnership with a client.

Here is how most people handle that person that makes you “fall” into their trap. You start giving in on things thinking that if you do that they will give in to you later. Not so.

They are going in logical order BUT not necessarily in order of importance of items for them.

So what to do?

Don’t start negotiating with them!

Instead, as you notice they have several items, simply follow these steps:

Say “Why don’t you go through all of your concerns and then we can go back through them one by one.”

Then sit silently and listen. Don’t comment or negotiate on anything!

Once you have the whole list you can then go back and start working on the easy fixes and the ones you know you can do. You may even ask them, “on this list which are of most importance to you?”

Just make sure to NOT start negotiating and solving until ALL the requests are on the table.

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