Literally, we all do talk to ourselves. The scary thing is our internal voice is usually formed by age four.

So, the key to growth and change is to continually update that voice in our head so it becomes more sophisticated and better able to manage tough situations. To do that uncovers some unraveling of past stories in your life.

We once had a leader who was so loved by his team. His new position required him to negotiate with vendors and he struggled with it. It seemed he would completely lose his voice when he tried to negotiate.

We were able to help him figure out what event from his past (it came from when he was 6 years old) that was blocking him and how to remove it. Once he did that, the negotiations became, not even easy, but enjoyable for him!

If you know you have the potential to be higher up than you are, but you aren’t sure what may be blocking you, set up a free exploratory call to see what is the blocker for you.