I know it sounds silly. I mean, we ought to know exactly why we do what we do, however, I find that most people don’t know the underlying belief that is driving them to behave and think the way they do.

For example-we have worked with…

    • A VP that was about to get fired after 25 years on the job. His blocker? He was the same age (turning 50) that his Dad had been when his Dad lost his executive job. His brain held on to that fear that he could lose his job at age 50.
    • An executive that got bullied as a kid and so had difficulty negotiating fairly with others.
    • A leader that got his big wheel run over as a child because he didn’t put it back where he was supposed to. This turned into him being a micromanager as a leader.

Every action you do is deeply tied to your internal beliefs. Do you know what yours are?

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