Credibility and Trust: The Dynamic Duo

Credibility: a simple ingredient that is vital to building trust

Think of all the emails you get on a daily basis. What differentiates one from being “junk” and one from being one you will open?

I get emails every week from people asking me to review, analyze or buy their product. For me, these are all junk and irritants…except for two.

Two people email me each week and I dutifully open their email to see what they have to say. I assume it will be of value. I assume they have my best interest at heart.

Yet, if I compared their email to others, there is not really a lot visibly different. So why do I open their email with delight instead of dread?

Both people have built up CREDIBILITY with me. This credibility is what I see in their website, their email, and their interactions. This credibility I mentally put as a basis for trust. I trust they won’t rip me off. I trust that they do as they say. I trust they live lives of integrity.

Credibility in an organization is built or shredded each time you speak, you email, or you interact with a person. Are you aware of what you are doing to expand or shrink your credibility in your company? Do you know how to get people to embrace your ideas, like I embrace these two people’s ideas? Do you know how to get people to assume your word is honorable?

The Outcome Focus™ Approach helps you make sure your actions and words always match. It is why our clients are able to shrink their sales cycle by up to 75%. It is why they are able to reduce their turnover by 30%.

Think about your credibility. Is it strong enough that people will open your email, listen to what you have to say and take action on it?

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