Creating a New Inspiring Mood

Leonardo da Vinci said “some times genius does best when it works the least.”

Now I don’t think he meant we should all hit the mall or park and just hope work happens. Nor did he mean we should slop through our work.

Instead I believe he meant that often the best ideas and inspirations hit us when we focus our attention elsewhere and allow our subconscious mind to work for us.

For me this means that today I am at the library. It is a totally different environment and as such, has caused my mind to look at things from a new perspective. If I want a break I can get up, grab a magazine or book and gain a fresh perspective.

There is another secret Leonardo understood intuitively as can be witnessed by perusing his notebooks. He understood that much can be gained by cross pollinating ideas from one object to the next. In order to understand flying he did intense observation of birds. He looked to nature to give him ideas of things he could combine, reconstruct, refigure or improve in to something concrete that used as a tool.

So what have you done to create a new inspiring mood for yourself today? Your job is to give your best each day which means you need to make sure you create the environment to give that best.

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