I have an app on my iPad that I absolutely love.

Notesplus makes my life so easy because I can flip from writing to typing to drawing all within the same page.  I can convert my writing over to typing just by circling it and clicking on “convert to text”. I opens with one click and flips between the web and my “notebooks” I create.  I can PDF my notes to clients from meetings immediately.

I crave this app because it makes my life easier.  It is easy to use and ready when I need it.

So how valuable are you for your clients?  Do you make their life easier or do you have complications once they start working with you?

Here are some simple things you can do to make sure your clients find you invaluable:

1. Focus on how you can make things easier for them.  Ask them what you can do to become a 15 on a scale of 1-10.  This will get them talking about the little things they would like that would get you big results with them.

2. Make it easy.  Make sure you simplify your processes so they are intuitive for the client to use, not for your team to use.  So often I see complicated procedures put in to place because a company stops focusing on the customer and instead focuses on what would be best internally.

3. Under promise and over deliver.  People don’t want to prompt you for things once they have bought. So let them know what is happening so they feel good about their purchase with you.  Matter-0f-fact it is best to touch base with your customer in some way within 24 hours of them making their decision to purchase as that is when their self doubt starts to creep in and they feel buyers remorse.

4. Believe head, heart and soul that you are there, not to sell product, but to make your client’s live easier.  That feeling and energy will come in to the room with you and they will sincerely feel you are more invested in them then you are in your solution.

So Take Action and go out and start a craving for you today!