When communicating with the four different communication styles, try to think from the person’s perspective, why they may not be open to new ideas, and address it before they do.

Start the meeting by creating a safe environment for people to let go of old ideas and latch on to new ones. You may start with something like this: “What I would like us to do in today’s meeting is to embrace some ideas that may feel uncomfortable, radical, or even impossible. I believe our greatest growth comes from our ability to let go of the past and use it to leapfrog into the future. Making this shift can be uncomfortable. So I ask all of you today to be willing to let go of the past and to listen to some new ideas. I want to take these ideas, spin them around from different perspectives, and see what we need to do to embrace them and move forward.”

By saying something like this, you are letting the group know right up front what you expect of them and how you’ll proceed. This will help keep most of the “naysayers” more positive.

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