Surprisingly change can happen much easier than you think. I find too many leaders make change a very difficult process due to how they tackle it.

Change is easiest done when it is magnetically happening rather than you manually pushing it.

So this is the part that sounds woo-woo but works like a charm.

For the next few weeks pick something you want to change. It can anything from the way you eat, it can be your relationship with a certain person or the way your work to name a few options.

Then, I want you to just write out what it is like when you have mastered this change.

Now that you are thinking differently about it just assume it has already happened. So, imagine that your relationship with that person you struggle with is good and go into every meeting with the attitude that it is good. What you will find is you will bring an in different energy and that energy will manifest the change you want.

Write in the comments your results as you implement this!

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