Train the Trainer Certification

Train-the-Trainer Certification PackageThe Train the Trainer program is highly effective and affordable

When your ultimate goal is to take a learning and deeply embed it into the culture of thinking at your organization it makes sense to do the Train-the-Trainer program so you can implement it on your time schedule, mix your corporate expertise with our Outcome Thinking® expertise and get it all done at a more affordable rate.

You know your company, your people, your situations and your terminology- you are the expert on your company.

Now all you need is the perfect program that will help elevate the thinking so people are more strategic in how they present their thoughts and ideas, more collaborative with how they interact with each other and have more of a “global” style of communication that allows you to connect better with each other.

With the Train-the-Trainer you can:

  • Have more flexibility with schedules, group sizes and timelines
  • Flex the training to modules, 1 day or two day training
  • Bring in your corporate situations to make the program fit you
  • Save your company money
  • Spread the program out to more people so you influence great change in the corporation
  • Focus the program for multiple levels in the company
  • Facilitate more collaboration across the company by mixing people in your sessions


To take advantage of our Train-the-Trainer program you must meet the following:

  1. Be an employee of an organization who will deliver the Outcome Thinking® content only to employees within your own company.
  2. You are personally driven to see others commit to a high level of communication that raises accountability, respect and trust in the organization.
  3. You are diligent about not only learning the content, but about customizing and tailoring it to fit your company by applying your own corporate stories and situations.
  4. You want to be the one helping people influence outcomes by expanding the way they think, listen and speak.
  5. You love to continue to stretch and grow your own brain power on a daily basis.
  6. Your dynamic speaking style has you connecting with others on a deep and powerful level.


The power of Outcome Thinking® comes not only with the content but with the delivery as it will impact how the brain receives information.


If you are often asked to serve in a leadership development role at your company, you will surely benefit from completing our Train the Trainer program. This comprehensive program will allow you to train everyone within your firm on the positive power of Outcome Thinking. Once you finish the program coursework and receive your Train the Trainer certification, you will be well-equipped to help your colleagues and team become the best that they can possibly be with their strategic communication. This page contains details about Train the Trainer, and if you have questions about the program that are not answered here, please contact us at any time.

“Six years ago we implemented Outcome Thinking® training for our Supervisors in both Presentations and in Conflict Management. With your Train-the-Trainer and licensing program, we have put over 2000 Supervisors through the courses. Our Supervisors are responsible for running meetings with their teams to drive understanding up, reduce injuries and increase efficiency and safety. We then watch the numbers to see if this is translating for them in to real results. As we have tracked the numbers during these last few years we have found that were able to reduce our operating costs down from 81 cents to 75 cents and now we are driving to the 60 cent range. We have reduced injuries to UNDER 1% which is unheard of in our industry.”

Betsy Triebwasser , Manager of Mechanical Training, Union Pacific