As an executive you are the driver of corporate culture. If you are a manager then you drive the culture of your team. So if you don’t like what behaviors you are seeing in your corporation or team, look at what messages you may be sending unknowingly that are allowing these behaviors to happen.

What you may be doing:What message it may send:
Not enforcing start times of meetings
Deadlines are not important.
There are exceptions to all rules.
Not getting back to staff with answers.
Not getting right back to their questions within 24 hours.
No need to get right back to their questions within 24
hours. They may feel you do what fits your timeline.
Lack of systems for procedures
Order and process are not important. Thereforee you are
encouraging mistakes and lack of critical thinking.
Giving 2-3 solutions for employee
When you continually solve their problems, you encourage
them to rely on you rather than on their own thought
process. You need to teach them how you think through
the situation rather than spending your time on sharing
what the solutions are.

Remember it is not so important to train your team on what to do. It is far more important to train them on who they need to be in order to do what they need to do!

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