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Addressing Differentiation: Can You Turn Today’s Tough Economy into Your Best Year?

Getting clients and building your base through referrals is essential in the insurance field. Yet, it is harder than ever to be able to do just that. Clients guard their time and seem more reluctant than ever to release their friend’s names even if you have done a fabulous job for them. As technology has taken [...]

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Am I Communicating With Respect? 10 Steps To Communicating Respectfully

Am I Communicating With Respect? 10 Steps To Communicating Respectfully In order to improve communication with others you need to make sure you are always conveying that you respect them as a person. Sadly, I must say I often see this trait missing especially between employees and managers. Here is a quick test that will help [...]

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Are Presentations About Sharing Information?

Almost 90% of all people we poll say a presentation is about sharing information. The reality is that a presentation is never about just sharing information! If you believe the presentation is about sharing information you have a tendency to just dump data and information on people and assume they will be able to decipher it [...]

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Are You a Value Creator or a Value Interpreter?

The mistake most companies make is believing that their customer always knows what they need. In an economy where people have access to information on the Internet, the client often feels informed enough to make their own diagnosis and then search for the solution they believe is best. In this case, price becomes the leading differentiator. [...]

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As the CEO, Your Actions Send a Message to Your Staff

As an executive you are the driver of corporate culture. If you are a manager then you drive the culture of your team. So if you don't like what behaviors you are seeing in your corporation or team, look at what messages you may be sending unknowingly that are allowing these behaviors to happen. What you [...]

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Asking vs Dictating

Do You Ask or Dictate? There is definitely a certain finesse to doing things that either magnetically pulls people to you or repels them away. So why do some people tick you off with the way they handle things and others don’t offend you at all? Is it the intent behind the words? Is it the judgment? [...]

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Assumptive Close

Here are some examples of assumptive closes: "It sounds like you've already made the decision to go with an open classroom format, so based on that, will you be having everyone attend one session or will you be doing multiple sessions?" Or,” It sounds like immediate delivery is of primary importance. Are you looking to change [...]

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Assumptive Sales Closing

When people are overwhelmed with details, they’ll tend to take no action. Logic makes people think. Emotion makes people act If your audience is asking a lot of “how” questions, you didn’t set up the “goal” well enough. For more on closings go to Resources, HOT Tips: Assumptive Close and Closing Examples.

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Avoiding Negativity While Presenting

If you are a presenter that tends to roam around the audience, you can walk over and stand by the negative person. This often gets them to change their behavior because they become uncomfortable having everyone's eyes on them. In worst case scenarios, you may have to ask the negative person to leave. In my fifteen [...]

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Body Language

To be a better communicate you need to understand the nonverbal signs you give off and how to read the person you are communicating with. Remember to ready body language in clusters. This means you have to discern the meaning of all the signs in the context of each other, not just one sign on its [...]

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Boring Information

There is nothing worse than knowing you will probably put your audience to sleep with all the facts and figures you have to give. Yet is there anything else you can do when your material is complicated? Yes, there is. Here are a few quick tips to help you jazz up and shorten what you have [...]

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Clever Openers to Start a Presentation

The first few minutes in front of the audience are crucial.  The more enticing you are the more they will be captivated to hear what you have to say. Being able to share an event and then twist the ending can draw them in.  For example, you may share a story by starting with, “Imagine if…” [...]

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Closed Body Language: What is Fig Leafing?

Fig leafing is when you clasp one hand within the other and then drop them down the front of you till they rest at full length. It got its name because it is similar to Adam and Eve holding the fig leaves in front of them to hide their nakedness. When you fig leaf, your shoulders [...]

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Closing the Deal: Closing Sales Techniques That Work

Many sales people get caught up in the paradigm of “This is who we are, this is what we do, and this is how we can help you” even before they understand their prospect and his needs. Try approaching your meeting from the client’s point of view.  What day and time works best for them.  What [...]

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Communication Styles

When communicating with the four different communication styles, try to think from the person's perspective, why they may not be open to new ideas, and address it before they do. Start the meeting by creating a safe environment for people to let go of old ideas and latch on to new ones. You may start with [...]

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Credible Email

The two people whose emails I open are Jack Canfield and Jeffrey Gitomer. Jeffrey's because I know he always hits on hard content, value and has no fluff.  His information is designed to help you, period.  Jack Canfield because knowing Jack personally I see the integrity with which he does all things. Therefore, I know if [...]

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Disagreement Signals

The following gestures give a more negative connotation and can put the other person on the defensive. Crossed Arms can indicate defensiveness. Hand Supporting the Chin shows boredom. Hands Clenched Together is a sign that the person is frustrated. Picking at Imaginary Lint means the person disapproves of the opinion or idea stated but feels constrained [...]

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Effective Decision Making Strategies

The following steps will help you make more effective decisions. Ask, “If we do this, what is the worst thing that can happen?” How likely is it that will happen? If it does happen, how can you handle it or can you do anything that will reduce the chance or eliminate it from happening? Ask, “If [...]

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Effective Networking Strategies For Business

To be effective in today’s business you need to network by “personality partnering”.  Remember you are not trying to only reach the person you are speaking to, you want to have access to all the people they have an influence over.  Let your networking be defined by your personality and life style, not by your work. [...]

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Executive Body Language

Here are five quick tips on how to be perceived as a strong and confident leader: Strong Stance- your weight should always be evenly balanced between both of your feet and your shoulders should be strong yet relaxed, not sloped.  Your head should be straight on or as you listen it should be tilted and turned [...]

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Four Key Principles of Negotiation

Negotiating does not have to be a sweat session.  Matter of fact, if you use these key principles, negotiating becomes a fun event.  The four key things are: your attitude going in to the negotiation  your focus on an outcome instead of the process your ability to read the other person’s thoughts through their body language [...]

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Handling Continual Interrupters During Presentations

If all else fails, the next time you are interrupted simply say, "You have some great questions and I want to make sure I respect and answer each of them. So why don't you see me afterwards and I’ll give you some more in-depth answers. Now let’s move on and keep the flow going." Most likely [...]

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How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

The following are some simple steps you can take to create balance between work and family: Determine the lifestyle you want then build your career around it. Know the two or three things you need to do to keep yourself sane, and stick to those. If you don’t enjoy doing it, figure out how to get [...]

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How to Adapt to Change in the Workplace

In a presentation where you're trying to get people to embrace change, start the presentation by talking about their world as it is today. Then talk about a time in your life that was made more comfortable by a change or a time when the company made a change and significant results were achieved. This allows [...]

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How to Answer Awkward Questions During a Presentation

If a person asks you an awkward question that you feel does require an answer in front of the audience, first try to clarify the question. You might say to them, "So your concern is…?” Or, “How does that relate to …?” Or, “Are you asking me …?” With these questions you often find that what [...]

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How to Calm Nerves Before a Presentation

There are several things you can do to improve your comfort level when presenting: Speak to your audience as if you were talking over a cup of coffee.  Remain professional but relaxed. Don't try to impress.  If what you say is relevant to the audience, they will want to listen to you. Take a deep breath [...]

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How to Deal with Presentation Questions

If, during your presentation or meeting, you have someone who interrupts you with questions there is a way you can deflect answering until a more appropriate time. You can do this by saying something like, "Due to the time constraint, I will hold questions until the end of the session. For any of you that would [...]

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How To Deliver Bad News to Colleagues

Delivering bad news to senior management doesn't need to be a scary proposition.  Senior managers want to know when things go wrong so they can be practiced in fixing them. The best way to deliver bad news is to be straightforward.  You need to clearly explain to them what went wrong, what you're doing about it [...]

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How to Handle Difficult Questions When Presenting

If a person dwells on a question, and you really don't want to go there, simply say, "That's a great question. Because I want to respect the time constraints that we have here today, what I will do is go ahead with the presentation and answer that question for you in the back of the room [...]

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How to Make Staff Meetings Great and Engaging

Here are additional tips for running Effective Staff Meetings: Before the meeting begins, tell them what the key areas are that you’ll be covering. This will be the roadmap that gives clarity to your meeting. If you have just stated something and you realize you have not clarified it for the group, follow it by saying, [...]

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How to Motivate Others as a Leader

This one is a tough one since we can’t actually motivate a person to do something.  Motivation has to come from within.  But we can spark people and push them in the right direction. How do you ask for things?  Are you vague?  Do you make assumptions? Do you use “we” too often?  "We" is good [...]

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How to Write Effective and Professional Emails

Don't write an email in order to get things off your chest. Instead, think about how the other person needs to use your information, what kind of time limitations they have, and that you respect them. Questions must be separated and put in individual lines so it is easy for the reader to see all the [...]

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Interviewing: Examples of Nervous Habits

Examples of nervous habits seen when interviewing include: “Deer in the headlights” look when a question catches you by surprise Widening of eyes when trying to put emphasis on things being said Thumping of foot or knee Fidgeting with a pen, your fingers, hair, mustache or beard Fidgeting with clothing, watch or rings Excessive swallowing Licking [...]

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Is Your Communication Aggressive or Assertive?

Assertive is putting forward positively and with confidence your thoughts and ideas, even in the face of adversity.  Aggressive is putting forward your thoughts and ideas in a combative readiness state. The difference between the two is that being assertive allows others to see where you clearly stand BUT also allows them to feel justified in [...]

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Issues You Might Face During Negotiations

1. Not presenting strong enough upfront - get push back 2. Not tying choice to Emotional Objective 3. Not coming in early enough in decision process 4. Giving too many choices- simplicity is best 5. Not stroking person enough 6. Too “me” oriented 7. Piece mealing negotiation 8. Starting negotiation too far back Go to the [...]

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Manage Perceptions in the Workplace

60 seconds is not a long time.  Yet that is all it takes for a customer to gain a quick perception of you. If we know it only takes that amount of time, why don’t we manage that time better?  What can you do to make the most impact possible in the shortest amount of time?  [...]

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Negotiation Body Language

Why is it important to understand body language when negotiating? Once you learn to read body language, you can see what a person is thinking but not saying. You can tell when they are in agreement with you, disagreement, bored, interested, upset, angry or confused. When a client is mirroring your body language this means they [...]

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Negotiation Phrases

Start with the positive “It sounds like you have done a lot of exploring so far…” “At this point I’m just jumping in the conversation, so in order to be the best asset, I need to ask several questions so I have a full grasp of the situation.” “My role today is to get a good [...]

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Negotiation Planning

Before you even begin to negotiate you need to plan.  If you know in advance that you are going in for a job interview or a raise you might have a lot of time to plan.  But there are other times where this planning will need to happen in a split second because you won’t be [...]

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Negotiation Space

Space plays a big role in negotiations. You have a definite space bubble you carry around you. If you trust people, you let them in to your space. Negotiations naturally make us more nervous and lead us to want as much space as we can possibly get. This is why most people tend to sit across [...]

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Negotiation Steps

So when you are negotiating, follow these four easy steps: Never use the word “negotiate”.  People immediately think of one person winning and one person losing.  And their immediate goal is to not lose!  Instead use the word “brainstorm.”  This will cause both parties to be more open to ideas. When people think of brainstorming they [...]

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Negotiation Tips

Negotiations cause our brain to automatically try to protect our world and our hot button. This causes you to shut down your listening and creative thinking. With Outcome Thinking® you  learn a new way to unleash that energy proactively so you are more innovative, creative and a stronger partner. Make sure of a few things up [...]

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The number one reason for nerves: you’re worrying about what the audience is thinking. Take a moment and look at your audience before you even say a word. Make individual eye contact with everyone in the audience. You want to make that vital connection with each of your listeners. Pick one friendly face to present to [...]

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Networking Tips

Within 60 seconds of meeting you for the first time, people will form 11 key impressions. You are a walking business card of yourself. Dress for who you are. Remember to ready body language in clusters. This means you have to discern the meaning of all the signs in the context of each other, not just [...]

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Nonverbal Transitions

Many people don't realize how important transitions are when speaking. They are what makes good conversation flow and what makes many speakers seem eloquent. Plan your transitions and vary them so you don't put an audience to sleep or into a pattern by always using the same transitions. Non-verbal transitions include things like: Pausing with your [...]

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Not An Expert

This leads us to the case, though, where a person believes they are an expert but in your eyes they are not. In that situation, what you really want to do is to be able to have them focus on the fact that we can always improve and bring things to the next level. Get them [...]

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For the first 8 minutes, you be vulnerable before you ask them to be vulnerable. The higher you go in an organization the more enticing your opening has to be. Take a moment to look at your audience before you even say a word. Most presenters rush into the beginning of their presentation without pausing, catching [...]

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Other Person’s Perspective

How do you slow down and see things from other people's perspectives, namely your employees? You use a skill called "Outcome Thinking®" that allows you to respond in alignment with the outcome you want instead of just reacting to the situation. First, start by realizing that there are many correct answers to any given situation. This [...]

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Outcome Thinking®

What is Outcome Thinking®? “Outcome Thinking® is the ability to focus on an outcome desired and then speak from the other person’s perspective on how and why to reach that outcome. It is a way of thinking that produces a new result with how others see you, hear you and connect with you. The most ironic [...]

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Past To Present

Sometimes you need to tie the past to the present when sharing an idea that has run up against a road block. You could say something like this: "When Alexander Graham Bell tried to sell his phone to Western Union, he was told that there would be no use for it. Yet today, tell me, who [...]

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Powerful Ways to End a Presentation

Let's imagine a different scenario. You are presenting to your management team why they ought to fund your new project. You should begin by clearly telling them what to expect out of the meeting with you. You might say something like, "If our company is to reach its projected profitability, then we need to look at [...]

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PowerPoint Tips

How the audience views slides: If the choice is between watching you or reading your PowerPoint, the audience will choose to read. Don’t distract your audience with too much going on. If you add to PowerPoint with your own words your intelligence goes up, if you read your PowerPoint, your intelligence goes down in the eyes [...]

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Practicing Presentations

Practice your first 8 minutes so that your presentation is ingrained but not memorized. How do I practice? If someone is not available to listen to you live, record yourself while driving, then listen to it during drive time to critique yourself. When practicing your presentation if front of someone, have them count your “um’s” or [...]

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Presentation Basics

If you are going to use a podium or lectern, set it to your side. There should be no physical barrier between you and your audience. Mornings are best when presenting a convoluted topic. Afternoons are harder for comprehension and evenings are the worst. You’re never just presenting to an audience. You’re presenting to who they’re [...]

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Presentation Preparation

When preparing your presentation, remember: your Goal is to always come from the audience’s perspective. You need to answer the question: “What do THEY need to know?” When practicing your presentation, have someone count your “um’s as well as any other speech patterns. This will bring those words from your subconscious to your conscious mind. Keep [...]

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Presentation Starters: How to Grab the Audience’s Attention

Most speakers begin their presentation by saying one of the following: "Good afternoon, my name is...," or "Thank you, I'm glad to be here today.” Your credibility is established for the audience not through your credentials, acronyms, or high intellectual conversation, but rather through the audience’s perception of the value you offer them. As a person [...]

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Presenting Tips

People need a minimum of two days to change a mindset. They need 30 days to change a habit. Ask your audience to pair up to answer a question or solve a problem. Then ask them to partner with another pair to solve additional problems or questions. Don’t ever make your audience feel stupid. Never pick [...]

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Here are some five examples of Principles:   1.  First, determine how you would like the customer to view your organization.  Do you want your customer to rave about you, to see you as the best value, to desire your expertise, to see you as the thought leaders or to be fully committed to you?  Once [...]

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Probing Questions

Probing questions are designed to peel back the layers to discover, uncover, excavate and explore what the other person is truly concerned about. Notice how they are NOT judgmental, they don’t ask yes or no questions, and how they cause the other person to share with you more about their THINKING. “Tell me this…" "Share with [...]

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Rambling occurs when your eye contact moves rapidly from person to person. To avoid this: shift eye contact only at the end of a sentence. Finish your sentence with one person in the audience. If you lose your spot or train of thought…remember it is not about perfection. Don’t apologize. Don’t stare at the audience. Pause, [...]

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Respectful Communication

In order to improve communication with others you need to make sure you are always conveying that you respect them as a person. Here are ten steps that will help you know if you always convey that you respect the other person. You bring pen and paper to meetings and take notes to show your interest [...]

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Responses To Calls, Faxes or Emails

When people don’t respond to your calls, faxes or emails they may not realize the significance of what you need.  They might forget or misplaces things.  They could be overworked and hampered by others' delayed responses. (For internal employees): State on top of the memo in bold writing- "In order to reserve a spot for this [...]

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A Roadmap is the path that shows people what you’re talking about. It might go something like this: "We have found that we can actually shorten processing times of claims by up to 20%. The savings in time will allow you greater flexibility in your job and reduce stress. In order to see how we can [...]

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Safe Environment for Discussions

There are four steps to follow to create a safe environment for discussions. They are: 1. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself, “What can I do to make the environment safe for people to share ideas, disagree, and challenge when appropriate?” 2. Then let the group chat.  You need to find out [...]

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Seven Media Rules

Here are the Seven Cardinal Rules to remember: Create YOUR STORY rather than letting the media develop their own. Remember the media is looking for a STORY.  A story means there is an interesting angle that the viewer will be intrigued with.  If you don’t provide that angle they will try to capture it with editing [...]

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Showing Confidence & Authority

Here are a few things that show confidence and authority to the audience: Make eye contact with each person in the audience, take a deep breath, and speak to them as you would to a person over a cup of coffee. Remember, it's not about how intelligent your audience sees you, but rather how intelligent you [...]

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Simple Sales Strategies

There are ways you can keep bringing in new customers and orders. All it requires is that you tailor your approach. Follow these simple steps: DRESS UP: If you want to stand out above your competitors, and keep finding new business when things are tight, then dress for success. MANAGE YOUR CLIENT BY LETTING YOUR CLIENT [...]

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Speaking Assertively

Follow these five quick steps to ensure that you get your point across without pain: Know the outcome/result you want from this communication.  This is the framework you want the listener to think in and it sets the tone for how you will phrase questions and present your ideas.  This tells the other person exactly what [...]

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Strategies For Writing Business Emails

Here are a few techniques to make sure your emails are opened, understood, and responded to: Make sure you use the subject line to tell the reader what you expect from them or what they can expect from your e-mail. Subject lines such as “November program,” or “Case study customer,” or “Project Johnson,” have no meaning [...]

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Stress Management

So how do you manage stress?  Is there really any magic formula to reduce it?  The answer is yes and no.  You see the magic formula isn’t something you get from someone else.  It is something that must come from you. Be Uniquely You Do you know what is unique about you?  Do you celebrate it [...]

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Surefire Ways to Manage Workplace Conflict

The majority of people handle conflict poorly. This stems from three fundamental beliefs that block you in handling conflict. In conflict you must get the person to see and, best case scenario, agree with your side in order to resolve the conflict. You must get the person to understand where they are wrong and you are [...]

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Target Your Message

Here are a couple of additional tips on how to match your presentation to your situation by targeting your message: Once you have a feeling (by looking around their office) of what may be most important to them, start by sharing with them how your product, service, or information will help them achieve that. For example, [...]

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Tatics to Use When Negotiating

Here are Two Key strategies to keep in mind when negotiating: 1. Have a game plan or strategy. Your game plan or strategy is a starting point -- a brief outline of what you would like to accomplish and how.  It is not a rigid rulebook to be applied throughout the negotiation.  It is instead a guideline that [...]

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Telling your Audience How to Interact with You

Those first eight minutes when you establish rapport with your audience is the time when you need to tell them how to interact with you with questions. If you do not want interruptions during your talk, you should say something like, "For the next 45 minutes I will be sharing with you how to take Six [...]

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The Difference of How Men & Women Communicate

In general, there is a difference between how men and women communicate. Men communicate with status in mind; they seek to solve problems. Women communicate with connecting in mind. These are two very different ways of communicating and neither way is better than the other. In order to be a more effective communicator, you do need [...]

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Tips About Developing Alliances at Work

If you try to push for a decision with a person who is not the decision maker, they could feel boxed in and ultimately never present your information to the levels above.  You want to get to the decision maker as fast as you can.  You want to treat the contact at all times as an [...]

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Top 10 Traits of a Leader

You must enforce accountability with consequences. You must be candid and caring. You must be congruent.  You must have clarity in all you say and do. You must be able to coach others. Stop trying to have right answers and start asking the right questions. Be passionate about what you do.        Be a steward of philanthropy.       [...]

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Understanding Body Language Signs

Hand on Cheek show evaluation and genuine interest. Chin Stroking is the person making a decision. Don’t interrupt! Seated Readiness shows excitement and agreement. Head Tilt shows interest. The one telltale sign that a person can never control is Dilated Pupils. When you are interested in something your pupils will dilate up to four times their [...]

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Useful Strategies to Improve Communication Skills

Learn to speak visually. Make it easy for your audience. Always acknowledge emotions that are present. People rarely do things to you with their communication. They’re usually protecting themselves. Generally…men communicate with solving in mind; women with connection in mind. More information on how to communicate more clearly is found in Anne Warfield’s Q & A [...]

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Verbal Transitions

Many people don't realize how important transitions are when speaking. They are what makes good conversation flow and what make many speakers seem eloquent. Plan your transitions and vary them so you don't put an audience to sleep or in to a pattern by always using the same transitions. Here are some verbal transitions: Key words [...]

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Voice Excitement

You want your passion for a particular project to be infectious and in order to do that your brain reaches back to get passion from how you feel while you are presenting. If you are nervous, unsure or feel you are taking up their time, your brain will kill all passion from your voice because it [...]

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Ways To Get Your Audience to Take Action

You are never just presenting information, You want your audience to take some sort of action based on the information. What action do you want them to do or change? If you ask your audience for an action, have them write it down. It will be remembered 40% more often and it will raise accountability. People [...]

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What Are The Signs of Deception

Take these signs with a grain of salt. You want to watch the gestures that accompany these signs or you will erroneously assume that everyone who scratches their nose is lying to you. If someone uses these gestures while talking to you, it may indicate lying or withholding of information. If they do these gestures while [...]

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What to Do When Others Don’t Live Up to My Expectations?

If you find yourself thinking of others in the following terms: idiots, incompetent, irresponsible, morons, etc.  This means that you most likely carry an INTERNAL MEASURING stick that you judge others by.  Most likely you are hard on yourself and equally hard on others. In order to reduce your stress and anger, one of the things [...]

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What To Do When The Decision Maker Is Not Present

If for some reason you cannot get the decision-maker in the room, then the next question you need to ask is, "So thinking of Jody, what are some of the questions and challenges she will throw at you in regards to (list what you are trying to implement)?” This will get the person you are meeting [...]

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When is the Best Time to Answer Presentation Questions?

If there is a high amount of resistance, it’s better to table questions until the end, but voice what you believe to be the resistant questions in your audience’s mind. For example: “Today we’re here to talk about a new payroll system. Now many of you may be thinking, ‘Why do we even need a new [...]

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Why Follow-Up Meetings Are Important

One of the hardest things to do is to accurately gauge the effect of your meeting.  Most people do an evaluation at the end of the meeting which really only finds out if people "liked the meeting" but doesn't find out what they've learned from the meeting. So the first thing you need to do is [...]

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Why It’s Important to Do an Event Debrief

After every meeting, whether it went the way you wanted or not, you should debrief using a fine tuned process. We walk clients through a 7 step process to debrief after their meetings, presentations, and negotiations so they can assure themselves better success next time. My theory is, if you don't learn from your mistakes what [...]

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Winning Ways To Start Your Presentation

Clarity in your opening lets the audience  know EXACTLY why they are there and how your information will be relevant to them. In order to ensure you have clarity in your opening ask yourself, “Did I share in ONE to TWO sentences why this is relevant to them and what they will be able to do [...]

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Word Triggers

Word Triggers are phrases that can set the other person off because they seem either pushy, domineering, insulting, condescending, or judgmental. Here is just a small sampling of phrases to avoid: “Don’t go there” “Yea, Yea…” “Whatever” “You need to..” “You should…” “You have to..” “But or However” Want to know why Word Triggers can set [...]

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