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2016 eZine Archive

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2016 eZine Archive

December 2016 – Volume 180

Personal Message from Anne Warfield Take a moment this Holiday Season to think about what you can do to reduce the stress in your life as well as those on your team. I am finding the leaders we work with that are diligent about applying all aspects of Outcome Thinking® in to their lives--from the strategic [...]

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November 2016 – Volume 179

Personal Message from Anne Warfield Here we sit on another verge of an election and I find myself being interviewed by radio stations and newspapers to share what is the body language and actions of each politician saying about them. This got me to thinking about you, as leaders, and what you can learn from this [...]

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October 2016 – Volume 178

Personal Message from Anne Warfield I remember as a little girl running in yelling "Mom" and then proceeding to rat out one of my siblings. Do you remember those days? I can vividly recall my Mom getting so frustrated that she said, "you guys have to figure it out." That was the day I realized she [...]

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September 2016 – Volume 177

Personal Message from Anne Warfield I like challenges--things that keep me on my toes and require me to think differently in order to put structure to the unknown. This causes my brain to constantly rethink how I do things. I nurture the ability to stay curious and observe in fun ways and often do it with [...]

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August 2016 – Volume 176

~HostedEmail.Link~ Personal Message from Anne Warfield One of the things I love about our Platinum Program is that we get a full year to help leaders build a solid, dependable strategic mind frame that is holistic as well as fair and just. The changes in their ability to critically think through and solve problems at a [...]

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July 2016 – Volume 175

Personal Message from Anne Warfield How big of difference can one hour really make? Well if you ask John Cox or Theresa Chasar they will tell you one hour a day used strategically allows them to leave on time, deliver stronger results, and be more strategic. Both John and Theresa are in our Year Long Platinum [...]

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June 2016 – Volume 174

Personal Message from Anne Warfield Have you ever felt like a rebel? Christina Boyd has found that many successful leaders often feel like Rebel leaders. They can get frustrated that others don't hear what they are trying to say; that ideas they pitch get discarded; or that others that "play" the corporate game tend to get [...]

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May 2016 – Volume 173

Personal Message from Anne Warfield One of the most exciting things for me is to watch leaders in our Year-long Platinum Program make profound changes in how they connect, communicate and inspire others around them. Today I want to highlight one of those individuals, Brandon, who wanted to inspire his sales team to think strategically about [...]

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March 2016 – Volume 171

~HostedEmail.Link~ Personal Message from Anne Warfield As Spring comes I see the energy go up in people. Containing and regulating that energy so you give consistent results in a consistent and reliable format is something leaders are constantly struggling with their teams. People tend to ebb and flow much like our seasons which makes it tough [...]

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