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2015 eZine Archive

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2015 eZine Archive

December 2015 – Volume 168

~HostedEmail.Link~ Personal Message from Anne Warfield December is a great time to look back on your last year and evaluate your own performance as a leader. Dimensional awareness is the ability to assess your own performance through, not through your eyes, but through the eyes of others. Not easy to do because your brain likes to [...]

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November 2015 – Volume 167

Personal Message from Anne Warfield I have always been a planner. I am the one who makes sure the bathroom is always stocked with toilet paper, that I have items I need for contingency plans and that my pantry always has the essentials in it so I don't have to make a mad dash to the [...]

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October 2015 – Volume 166

~HostedEmail.Link~ Personal Message from Anne Warfield We have a long-term program that clients send their High Potential Leaders through--the whole purpose of the program is to help the leaders develop C Suite thinking and Executive Presence. The acid test of the program is not how well the leaders like it but rather it is how the [...]

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September 2015 – Volume 165

Personal Message from Anne Warfield Right now I feel like my life is a complete balancing act-I am balancing running a business, taking care of my family (two of my children can't drive yet have active lives!), active on some Boards and helping parents with driving and doctor appointments on a regular basis. If one thing [...]

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August 2015 – Volume 164

Personal Message from Anne Warfield Today has been one of those know one of those days where it seems Murphy's Law is following you around. And yet...I feel peaceful and relaxed. Why? So here was my day- I was flying in to Ohio to meet with some clients at 3 pm. I had connecting flights [...]

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July 2015 – Volume 163

Personal Message from Anne Warfield Hopefully you all had a Fabulous Fourth of July! I went and saw the Beach Boys with my cousin. What memories that brought back. It continually amazes me how songs actually trigger moods, emotions and memories in your brain. I think that is why each generation loves songs from their past--it [...]

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June 2015 – Volume 162

Personal Message from Anne Warfield Today's ezine is all about risk- risk avoidance, risk management and risky discussions. I have found the best leaders are ones who don't shy away from risky conversations. They don't believe the conversation is going to make or break them but rather they are committed to the outcome being desired. Finding [...]

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May 2015 – Volume 161

Personal Message from Anne Warfield Balancing pressures and requests is one of the things I find that Executives really need to master if they are going to be successful. You will always have people that want a piece of you as you move up the ladder so it is best to learn early on how to [...]

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March 2015 – Volume 159

Personal Message from Anne Warfield It is still very cold in Minnesota and feels like the thaw of Spring is never going to come. This year I decided to do something about the horrible Winters. I stopped complaining and scheduled some fun warm weather vacations with girlfriends in Florida and had a lovely week with my [...]

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