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Addressing Differentiation: Can You Turn Today’s Tough Economy into Your Best Year?

Getting clients and building your base through referrals is essential in the insurance field. Yet, it is harder than ever to be able to do just that. Clients guard their time and seem more reluctant than ever to release their friend’s names even if you have done a fabulous job for them. As technology has taken [...]

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Are You a Value Creator or a Value Interpreter?

The mistake most companies make is believing that their customer always knows what they need. In an economy where people have access to information on the Internet, the client often feels informed enough to make their own diagnosis and then search for the solution they believe is best. In this case, price becomes the leading differentiator. [...]

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Call to Action: Getting the Sale

One client we were working with wanted to increase their sales.  They currently did a very expensive symposium twice a year that they invited about 300 clients and prospects to.  At this symposium they showcased all the new computer software they had coming out and spent three days gathering the participants reactions and needs.  At the [...]

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Effective Networking: Personality Partnering

Networking is no longer the "good ol' boys" club nor is it appropriate to pass your business card out to everyone you meet. Networking is a much more savvy activity today. Networking is not something you do; it is an art you perfect. True networking will increase your business and give you a solid base for [...]

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Finding Profits In a Down Turn Economy

Sharks hunt for prey by finding movement in the water or blood. In today's economy you can often find people mistakenly adopt a "shark" sales mentality. They feel they need to circle out there and surround customers by getting to them first. First smell of blood in the water and they go for it. You can [...]

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Four Step Process For Thinking Through Problems

Four Step Process For Thinking Through Problems “If you have a job without aggravation, you don’t have a job.”  Malcolm Forbes I love that quote.  It speaks to the fact that life and our jobs are not meant to be easy.  They are meant to challenge us to bring all we have to the table.  I [...]

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From Birdseed to Seed Money

Bird seed. Imagine if in 1981 someone asked you how much money you could make selling birdseed. Seems to be a limited market doesn’t' it? I mean imagine the retail space you need to rent and the amount of revenue per square foot you would need to generate in order to make it profitable. The only [...]

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Homework and Trust: Coming From Your Customer’s Perspective

THE MOMENT: I’m at Walmart. It’s the beginning of July and they have a large school supply display. I am standing there thinking, “School just got out. How obnoxious are they to already be pushing school supplies.” THE STORY: I was running into Walmart at the beginning of July and right in front of me was [...]

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