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Are Presentations About Sharing Information?

Almost 90% of all people we poll say a presentation is about sharing information. The reality is that a presentation is never about just sharing information! If you believe the presentation is about sharing information you have a tendency to just dump data and information on people and assume they will be able to decipher it [...]

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Critical Thinking When the Board Challenges You

We all dread it- the time we present our thought or idea and then someone shoots it down or challenges us on it.  When we work with emerging leaders we are constantly told, “When I present to the executive team they always challenge everything I say. After they are done ripping apart your presentation you wonder [...]

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Fear of Presenting: How to Build Your Confidence

It is said that the fear of presenting in front of an audience is ranked higher than the fear of death. Death only happens once, but public speaking can happen to you again and again, with the knowledge that you will have to live through the feedback afterwards. Let’s face it, once you are dead, people [...]

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From MythBusters to Being More Strategic

We sat with our eyes glued to the TV as we watched the MythBusters debunk how the shark in the movie Jaws was killed at the end of the movie.  They came to the conclusion that the gun would have never penetrated the canister and killed the shark. Oh, but it looked so good in the [...]

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How Does PowerPoint Play In A Great Presentation?

“Four score and seven years ago…” Abraham Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg address. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy’s famous address to the nation “I have a dream..” Martin Luther King’s inspiring and memorable speech These are three speeches that we all remember to [...]

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How to Close so People Take Action

For many people just getting to the end of the presentation is a relief! Yet the closing is where you move your audience to action. It is the last spot you have to condense your message to it's critical elements, re-emphasize key points, and then get them to move on what you have shared. Here are [...]

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