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Dealing with Difficult Discussions

Where are you when your best ideas come to you? If you are like 90% of all people you get your best ideas when driving, in the shower, in the morning, when falling to sleep or when working out. Notice what is absent… the office. Your best ideas don’t come to you at work! They come [...]

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Dealing With the Bungee Snap in Life

I went bungee jumping once in my life and that was enough.  The free fall was great- for all of the 3 seconds it took- but the yank up after wards was horribly jarring.  The worst part was that horrible jarring and yanking was 90% of the bungee jumping.  So you had 3 seconds of fun [...]

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How To Jumpstart Your Passion

I have been brain dead for a while now. I just didn't realize it. In June I gave birth to my third child. It was a pregnancy filled with gestational diabetes while trying to recreate and shift direction in my company. Most days I felt like I was on spin cycle getting nothing accomplished and coming [...]

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