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Why "let’s agree to disagree" will kill you: Presentation Skills

I just about died yesterday in a meeting when I heard a leader in their executive presentation say, "let's agree to disagree."  He didn't even realize the impact of what he said. So let's be clear, I don't believe it ever is appropriate to say, "let's agree to disagree" and here is why: 1. The hidden message [...]

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Handling the Storm of Conflict

Handling the Storm of Conflict  “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace among it.” Conflict is what we all see as the storm.  Leaders ask me how they can eliminate conflict.  I ask, “Why would you want to eliminate it?” Conflict, in and of itself is good. Conflict means you have people thinking.  It [...]

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How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable

How to Disagree Without Being Disagreeable The idea is stated and you hate it.  Now what do you do?  Do you handle it differently if you are the boss, coworker or subordinate? The problem with voicing thoughts about something you disagree with is in the way you state them.  Most people state their thoughts as a [...]

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Dealing with Difficult Discussions

Where are you when your best ideas come to you? If you are like 90% of all people you get your best ideas when driving, in the shower, in the morning, when falling to sleep or when working out. Notice what is absent… the office. Your best ideas don’t come to you at work! They come [...]

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Stopping Naysayers In Their Tracks

Stopping Naysayers In Their Tracks We have all been in a meeting that has quickly degenerated down to one or two people taking control in a negative way and pretty soon you have no solution, just lots of complaining. So how you do STOP naysayers from taking control in your meetings? Unfortunately naysayers are given control mainly [...]

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How To Stop Making Bad Decisions

How To Stop Making Bad Decisions Emotions make you act. Logic makes you think. Notice the order I put those in. Most people think they act out of logic but the reality is that you act out of emotion and you justify your actions by logic. Understanding this fact is key to your success in stopping [...]

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