3 Steps to Keep Your Team Motivated

Have you ever had your team reach a big milestone and you find the group feels deflated, lacks motivation and is apathetic about achieving the next goal? I find most leaders explain this away by saying things like, “well they worked really hard for this goal” or “we burned the candles at both ends.” In truth [...]

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5 Ingredients That Turn Training Into Learning

5 Ingredients That Turn Training Into Learning As a leader you are constantly training your team whether you realize it or not.  The problem I think we often run in to is that people think they have “arrived” and that they no longer are learning. The truth is that your brain is continually forming new paths [...]

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7 Steps to Developing Principles, Values and Premises

7 Steps to Developing Principles, Values and Premises “Why can’t people just do the right thing? I sometimes feel like I am babysitting!” “Our new initiatives seem to come off as the flavor of the month and they don’t stick. What do I need to do to make people realize we are serious?” These are common [...]

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Are Presentations About Sharing Information?

Almost 90% of all people we poll say a presentation is about sharing information. The reality is that a presentation is never about just sharing information! If you believe the presentation is about sharing information you have a tendency to just dump data and information on people and assume they will be able to decipher it [...]

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Are We All Turning Into Dug the Dog in UP?

As I watched the movie UP, I got a kick out of the dog, Dug. Dug could speak but his flaw was that in the middle of a conversation with you, if a squirrel darted in his line of sight, he completely forgot what he was saying to you.  So the conversation would go something like [...]

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Are You a Value Creator or a Value Interpreter?

The mistake most companies make is believing that their customer always knows what they need. In an economy where people have access to information on the Internet, the client often feels informed enough to make their own diagnosis and then search for the solution they believe is best. In this case, price becomes the leading differentiator. [...]

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