Typically I find that leaders tend to focus on managing down.  This philosophy causes your brain to do many things that actually create more work for you as a leader.

It causes you to:

1. To be accountable as the knowledge and answer source.  The problem with this is you can then become a bottleneck as projects, opinions and ideas all begin to feel like they should be run through you first.

2. Feel accountable for HOW people do things and you can stop the creativity of the group.

3. Become a Mother Hen who is now responsible for making sure everyone on the team is okay.

Reverse this trend by shifting your belief from “managing down” to “managing up.”  This means you are now a STRATEGIC TOOL that your team can use in order to accomplish what they need to but they still own the accountability.  You will find you will create a team that is more self accomplished, interactive and can work well with or without you present.

In our Platinum Program I watch leaders switch to this philosophy and suddenly they find their time is now free to be more strategic and less tactical.  If you want leaders who can think, speak and execute like the C Suite check out how we can help you do that.