One client we were working with wanted to increase their sales.  They currently did a very expensive symposium twice a year that they invited about 300 clients and prospects to.  At this symposium they showcased all the new computer software they had coming out and spent three days gathering the participants reactions and needs.  At the end of the three day event the CEO would stand up, recap all the new products and delivery dates, tell the participants they could see one of the company members if they were interested in talking further about how to bring the products in to their office. Then the CEO thanked them all for coming and released the audience.  As you can imagine there was a mass exit and very few sales were done.

What was the problem was that people didn’t know what the call to action really was, so consequently they all thought, “I will get to that later.”

So we did some profound but simple changes that made a huge difference in sales and you can do these too:

  1. Make it easy to see- We had the CEO have a sheet for each participant that listed the new products, one sentence on the problem it solves so people could see all of them on one sheet.
  2. Make it easy to commit- When the CEO spoke we had him ask each person to pull out that sheet, put their name on it and then as the CEO talked about each product, circle it if you want to know how to get that product, cross it out if you aren’t interested in it, and put a check if you just want to know more.  After the CEO described the product he would then have them make their marks.
  3. Tell how you will follow through- When they collected all of these the CEO made the commitment to all that they would hear from their representative within 48 hours so they could get started.

Well they got a ton of orders!  They also got valuable information such as which products people didn’t want at all, which ones people may be didn’t understand its benefits and which products were a primary need.

They were then able to go back, fine tune what they would focus on, what they would improve on, and which products they wouldn’t even go further with investing in right now.

In the past their symposium resulted in high energy but very low sales.  With just this one change they were able to double sales! 

Take Action: Look at what you can do to make things easier on your client to buy.

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