Have you ever been talking with a person and you just felt they weren’t telling you the truth?

Have you ever tried to explain why later on and not been able to really point out what they said that made you not believe them?

You probably couldn’t point it out because it is not the words that tell us if a person is lying but their body language. Literally when a person is lying to you their brain is sending them a signal that they shouldn’t be lying.  This signal is then acted out in their body language.

Here are the common signs a person is lying to you and why they do it:

1. Break eye contact.  It is their brain’s attempt to not look at the person they are lying to

2. Cover their mouth.  It is their brain’s attempt to not let the words out of their mouth.  This is often disguised with a cough.

3. Tug on their ear or put their finger in their ear.  It is literally their brain’s attempt not to hear the lie.

These are just three of the possible signs a person is lying.  Notice how they follow the “Three Monkees” that cover their eyes, ears and mouth.  It is your brain saying “I will hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil.”

In your corporate meetings look for open body language that shows a person is not hiding anything.

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